Due to our focus on the client, we’ve been allowed to be part of the process in determining the best way to be involved in the entire construction process for that client.  We can bid a fully designed project; be part of a design-build team, collaborating with the Owner, Architect, and Engineering firm; or act as a Construction Manager on behalf of the client coordinating the design process and construction.  Through our hands-on approach, commitment to communication, collaboration, and client service we do our best to meet and exceed quality and pricing expectations.


Whatever the delivery method our approach is always the same, to be a constructive part of a team that is working towards providing the client the best possible product for their specific needs.


The Traditional Design Approach allows the Owner to work through the entire design process with the design team (architect and engineers) prior to engaging the Contractor for bids/pricing.


A Negotiated or Team Approach is when the Contractor is brought into the design process providing the best value by offering their input on critical aspects of the project.


The Design-Build Approach allows the Owner to work with only one source, RPM Partners.  We engage a design team on your behalf and ensure that your needs are met.


When acting as a Construction Manager, we can provide leadership on some or all aspects of the construction process, as requested by the Owner.



Depending on the delivery method selected for the project RPM Partners will work closely with all parties (individual Owners/building committees, Architects, Engineers, etc) to determine how best our Pre-construction services can benefit the entire construction process.  We feel it is important to start off on the right foot (or footing).


We offer services that include budgeting, detailed cost estimates, constructability analysis, value engineering (VE), schedule development, material selection, building permit assistance, and Subcontractor recommendation.  RPMP prides itself on a smooth transition from Pre-Construction to Construction, ensuring all necessary information is passed along to the Construction team (Project Manager and field supervision.


Client/Contractor communication remains important, no imperative, once your project has moved from the planning phase to the construction phase.  RPM Partners works toward an open approach to the entire construction process, making sure that all parties are involved and informed at all times.  It is inevitable that something will come up during construction, as all endeavors must encounter strife (some greater than others), but with an open line of communication we try to minimize impact to the project, both time and money.


RPM Partners is committed to providing full-time supervision on every project.  We make this commitment to assure work proceeds in a coordinated and timely fashion, and that standards of high quality are maintained from beginning to end.


Over the years RPM Partners has discovered a large portion of our work is repeat clients or word of mouth referrals.  We’d hate to leave a bad taste in your mouth and nothing does that faster than a project that seems to never end.  Timely completion of the project, any punch list items, final billing, and turnover/closeout documents is our goal.  “Begin with the end in mind.”


RPM Partners provides a standard 1-year workmanship warranty, but more than that is the assurance that we will treat any item or concern you might have as a priority.  We will provide an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) manual that will contain copies of all Subcontractor/product warranties, as well as contact information.  At RPMP we don’t just build projects, we build relationships.

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