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620 S Elm St – Old Greensborough Gateway Center

Complete in phases between 2017 and 2019, RPM Partners worked with a developer to revitalize and restore the historic building located at 620 S Elm St in Greensboro.  It was added to the National Historic Register in the fall of 2020 as the Blue Bell Company Plant.


The renovations included restoring some of the historic components of the building with the main focus being the historic windows on the 2nd level that had been bricked over.  It took several months with a full time on site welder to rebuilt the damaged and rusted metal window frames.  Once completed new glass panes were cut to fit the custom frames and installed with putty glazing to meet the original installation method.


An entrance and elevator tower had been added to the building to allow for ADA accessibility to all of the floors during a previous renovation.  The entrance was removed and a new one built with exposed steel framing and glulam beams.  The existing parking lot was also removed and replaced to accommodate the new entrance and landscape features.


The building will function as an entrepreneurial co-working space that is designed to be flexible and community oriented with private and shared office space, as well as meeting and event rentals.

Greensboro, NC

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